Learning To Create and Market Your own Info Product

Why Create an Info Product?

Creating an information product is one of the best ways to make money online. The reason for this is simple. With digital products you have no variable costs per unit all of the money you earn from info marketing is pure profit.

This allows you to give commissions on sales of your product of 50% and 75% and still be earning a living.

Ways to Create an Info Product Online

Another great advantage of an info product is the potential to create an ROI positive marketing channel which could be scaled up nationally or globally.

Say you make an info product on How to Play the Banjo which you sell for $49,99. Then imagine you are able to buy target clicks at 50 cents per clicks and you have a 2% purchase rate. Given these numbers you’d have a cost per sale of $25 per e-book. If you are able to create a marketing funnel like the one described you could simply press a button and launch the campaign world wide and watch the profits roll in.

This is the holy grail of info products but it is easier said then done. The first step is figuring what you are going to write about.
Stage 1: Brainstorming Topic Ideas:

Choosing a topic for an info product can be a challenge. Most people however have some set of specialized knowledge that they can share. To determine your potential info product there are a few questions to consider. What are you passionate about? What are you interested in? What excites you? What is your hobby? What did you take in school? What have you learned in your life?
In my case for example I know how to play piano, play guitar, write songs, write musicals and advertise on Google.

Stage 2: Narrowing Down the Topic Choice:

Let’s continue with my example and my skill said. Perhaps what I am most interest in is writing musicals. But is this a good niche? A good way to determine this is to look at the Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

This tool shows you search volume of any keyword for a specific period of time. It will also show how competitive the keywords involved in. In order to use the Google Keyword Tool you need an Adwords account but you do not need to spend any money on Adwords.

I can see based on searching with the Google Keyword Tool that keywords like “How to Write a Musical” are not very competitive but it doesn’t look like there is enough search volume for it to be worthwhile. My other talent which is playing piano has a much greater search volume but it is a bit more competitive. Try to go through your interests and determine which keywords have good volume but are not too competitive.

Step 3: Create the Product:

You’ve chosen what your topic will be and now it is time to make it. There are a number of different choices in regards what form your info product will take.

The ones I prefer to make are e-books and video courses but you could make an audio course as well. You can make your e-book in Microsoft Word pretty simply, and with modern day HD phone technology you could make a pretty good looking video course on your phone.


Step 4: If you’re STILL lost – get training!

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Effective Methods to Successful Digital Product Building

Digital product creation (like you’ll learn about in Publish Academy) and marketing is among the best business models on the internet today. You can easily begin in, can be accomplished in a short time and can provide you with long-term residual income. But exactly how does one create information products?

Digital Product Creation

With digital product creation, you need to come up with your data product to meet the needs of an existing gap in the market. You can put together the product yourself if you have a personal understanding of it, or you can simply contain it outsourced by those who are experts within this field in places.

Generally, you will find three ways of digital product creation – Do-It-Yourself, buy, outsource.

Do-It-Yourself: If you are enthusiastic about your niche, write down a summary of what you look for to understand about the subject and the reviews in the initial step. Come up with what the customers want and you’re simply 100% safe.

One other way isn’t to collect the info is through good research that you can carry out by asking clients for their opinions – especially what your customers want to be improved. You can have that interview recorded in audio or transcribe and sold off as the main or bonus product.

Buy: Odds are, there are some books available that currently have what you are looking for, getting dusty because of poor marketing. Make contact with the author and ask if you could buy the Rights towards the book that will permit you to change definitely its cover, title and when possible the author’s name.

Re-Sell Products: Bear in mind, many resell products can, in fact, become the own perfect products if you’re allowed and can edit, re-write and significantly alter the original – check the terms first though.

Outsource: Finally, you can choose to pay a writer to get your digital product created for you at sites like Elance.com. For example, an e-book can be written for about US$500, but this is the riskiest option since the content might not be satisfactory to you.

You can choose to edit it, but you might find it rather hard to edit a book that you did not write. There will be gaps in style, tone and sometimes even quality but if you choose this method do browse the testimonials of each author.

Use Public Domain Material: What’s public domain material – basically it’s published works that aren’t included in copyright laws anymore.

Basically the fundamental rule you need to understand is All works published in the US before 1923 have the freedom of copyright and for that reason public domain. Now in several niches there will have been books written about that subject which are freely available for you to download, re-package, write a new foreword, insert photos, produce special reports from and suddenly you have your own product

Finally, don’t forget this, though – the merchandise is necessary but marketing is King.

Since your digital product is ready, you need to put the product about the rack for buyers to see it. This means you have to put the product on a website specifically made for this purpose. With a decent level of promotion and advertising, you’ll enjoy success with your created digital product.

4 Reliable ways on how to launch a product online

Launching a product online can be a great hurdle for any business irrespective of the size of the business or its scope of operation.

There are heaps of strategies and launch ideas you can use when working on how to launch a product online.

Launching a Product Online
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However, the choice of the best strategy and method to use is mainly dependent on applicability and ability to reach a wide target audience. Some of the most reliable online product launches strategies and ways include:

Press release

Press releases are some of the most vital communication forms that should accompany any online product launch. Well written and distributed press releases are not only a cost effective communication avenue but also reach a large target audience.

Usually, when writing a press release for a product launch, it is important to consider the market in which the product will be sold.

For instance, if you a launching a tech-product, then your press release should feature the technology industry and market.

In addition to this, your press release should be relevant to the launch and should be focused on the product you are launching. Have a catchy headline and conclusion for your press release.


Awesomely created and captivating infographics are yet other efficient ways of launching a product online. The best thing about infographics is that they are usually very detailed and contain useful information such as how the product works, how it should be used, how useful the product is to its users, and how beneficial the product is.

Despite infographics seemingly appearing to be complicated, they can be created with much ease with expertise help from a professional graphic designer.

Blog it

Blogging is arguably one of the most common and widely used strategies in launching a product online. This is because it is an excellent way to create awareness about a new product when working on launching your own online business.

With the services of a proficient blogger, it is quite easy to write and publish content that will accompany your product launch. It is worth noting that there are several strategies that should be put to consideration when blogging.

These strategies are such as keyword choice, keyword density, blog length and focus on target audience among other strategies. Always remember that you should only write high quality blogs that are equally highly informative.

Online advertising

If you want to stand out when working on how to launch a digital product online, it is advisable that you consider using online advertising.

Pay-per click adverts, Google ads, and social media campaigns are some of the reliable and relatively affordable online advertisement options you can use when launching a new product. Online advertising does not necessarily have to be expensive and costly but should be supremely measurable.

As such, you should consider the most viable advertisement options against your budget. Always opt for an affordable and sustainable advertisement options that can be accommodated in your business’s budget.

Launching your own product online does not necessarily need to be a challenging venture for business. This is because of the reason that with proper planning, it becomes easy to avoid most of the common pitfalls that businesses fall into when launching products online. Planning also makes it easy to identify the most viable strategy to use when launching a product.

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